Meet Lindsey Silvain: Argo Aviation International’s Dynamic Operations Manager

The world of aviation recruitment is propelled by some of the most meticulous and impactful roles in business. At Argo Aviation International, a hub of relentless industry commitment, we are keen to introduce you to the professionals who ensure our business operations at peak efficiency.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Lindsey Silvain, our newly promoted Operations Manager.

Join us as we ask Lindsey questions about her role, journey with Argo Aviation, and passion for excellence.

Q: What is your Job Title and Role at Argo Aviation International?

Lindsey: My new job title is Operations Manager. I oversee the onboarding department, and my role covers compliance, HR, as well as new staff inductions and training/development for current staff.

Q: What Inspired You to Join Argo, and What Excites You Most About Your Role?

Lindsey: I was inspired to join Argo because the Ely office was still very new when I first applied. I wanted to be part of a new team and help shape the future of the business. My new role excites me because there is a lot to learn. I have always enjoyed working at Argo because it is busy, and several tasks often go on simultaneously, so multitasking is required.

Q: Can You Briefly Describe Your Background and Previous Experiences That Relate to Your Current Role?

Lindsey: My background has always been office and customer-based. I enjoy dealing with people from all walks of life.

Q: What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside of Work? Any Hobbies or Interests You’d Like to Share?

Lindsey: I am a mum of three and generally always busy. My husband is in the Construction Industry, so we always seem to be renovating our house or knocking walls about! I like getting involved in the building projects often ongoing at home.


Lindsey’s recent promotion to Operations Manager at Argo Aviation International is part of our comprehensive growth strategy.

Argo has been actively fostering talent, resulting in several internal promotions across various departments. In addition to investing in our team, we have also prioritised advancements in technology and marketing to enhance our recruitment capabilities and reach.

Furthermore, our dedication to forging strong industry partnerships has enabled us to expand our network and provide more excellent value to our clients and candidates.

Lindsey exemplifies the calibre of professionals essential to pushing the boundaries of the aviation recruitment industry’s excellence and our business growth. We’re proud to have Lindsey on the team.

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You can connect with Lindsey on LinkedIn here.